Phpunit Cannot Find Files


I simply copied a project from location A to location B. All of a sudden, phpunit won’t run anything anymore - the paths in the configuration files are relative, so there shouldn’t be any hassle.

(unit, in this case, is a direct subdirectory of tests).

He won’t open files also if:

a) I pass himthe unit test file directly

B) I pass him the absolute path to the unit test file



basePath in the test.php config:

dirname(__FILE__) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . '..'

Permissions are set accordingly - the user is me, the group is www-data (for cron).

I’m grateful for every idea.


Got it.

PHPUnit doesn’t tell you that it couldn’t find any tests matching its file pattern, instead it will tell you that it couldn’t load directory X as a file which you have never requested. Weird algorithm.