Phpunit 9 compatibility issue with Yii 1.1 - unable to extend class Version as it's final

I updated my project to have yii 1.1.22 and added PHPUnit 9.3.11 using composer. I’m using PHP 7.4.

I had to add the compatibility.php file in protected/tests/ described here:

However, the phpunit class in vendor/phpunit/phpunit/src/Runner/Version.php is declared as final. So when executing the test (…/…/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/./phpunit), it shows:

PHP Fatal error:  Class PHPUnit_Runner_Version may not inherit from final class 
(PHPUnit\Runner\Version) in /var/www/2020/protected/tests/compatibility.php on line 18

As we cannot extend it.

Removing the final keyword from Version.php it’s the workaround for now but are there any plans to address this for a future version of 1.1? or any other way to solve this?

Opened ticket for this