phpunit 3.4.0 won't handle 2 method testing at one time

hi everyone,

when i make a batch test like this:

phpunit unit/ (the directory includes Dbtest.php, issuetest.php and projecttest.php)

it gives a ‘trying to get property of non-object’ error in projecttest.php

but if i do the 2 unit tests(issue and project) seperately, they are both ok.

interesting enough, if there are 2 method tests in issuetest.php, it also gives a similar error on the second method.

i am not sure if this is a phpunit problem or yii problem.

or is it my problem?


There are too many variables at play here to say something useful about your problem. Could you please post your code so we can maybe see if something is wrong with that?

Also, if you use fixtures please post those as well so we can replicate what you’re doing.

thank you for your replay. i am organizing my code and will repost it here.