Hi all, I have been trying to optimize my images and manipulate them using phpThumb.

But time and again i am getting this error

<br />

<b>Strict Standards</b>:  Non-static method phpthumb_functions::version_compare_replacement() should not be called statically in <b>/home/wikiquic/public_html/backup/phpThumb/phpThumb.config.php</b> on line <b>53</b><br />

**Headers already sent, dumping error message as text:**<br>

OutputThumbnail() failed - headers already sent

my directory structure where i have my phpThumb is


i have used it like this

<img src="/backup/phpThumb/phpThumb.php?src=<?php echo 

CHtml::encode($data->image); ?>" width="140" alt="<?

php echo CHtml::encode($data->title); ?>"  class="celebrity"/> 


I have my document root

$PHPTHUMB_CONFIG['document_root'] = (@$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] ? $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] : str_replace(dirname(@$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']), '', realpath('.')));

my images are dynamic and its source in database is


Any clue why is not my image showing in the page??