PhpStorm quick open a View

Hi all, is there a way (or a plugin) to quick open a View in PhpStorm, for example from the controller:

 return $this->render('index', [

            'model' => $model,


by clicking on the ‘index’ text?



Thank’s for the reply Patrick, but i can’t find Yii2 Support in the “Browse Repositories” window.

I also download the zip file and try to install manually but doesn’t work.

Any idea?

I use PhpStorm 9.0


Might not be compatible then:

I use the plugin on PhpStorm 2017.

PhpStorm 9.0 seems to be way too old…

Thank’s, it was a good reason for me to decide to update my old (but yet good) PhpStorm 9.0

And now finally i can work with this beautiful plugin! :)