phpStorm 3 + Yii

Hi everyone,

I am currently thinking about switching my IDE. Currently I’m using Eclipse with Yiiclipse. However I wondered if there are other IDEs around which might make things even more easier. So I had a look at PhpStorm which seems to be quite popular among Yii developers. But: They released Version 3 like a week ago and most of the stuff here (including the “Configure phpStorm for Yii” wiki article) is written for the 2.X branch. Obviously the PhpStorm folks did a lot of changes and I hardly find any of the “Project” options anymore.

Since I don’t know what was possible with the 2.X branch, I’ll just ask if these things are possible with PhpStorm 3:

  • Code Navigation

I guess not, but is there anything like Code Navigation in Yiiclipse possible with PhpStorm?

  • Access magic properties

Is it possible to display magic properties in code completion? Like accessing [font="Courier New"]Yii:app()->user->id[/font].

  • Code completion of Controller in View

When I’m in a view file and I type [font=“Courier New”]$this->[/font] I don’t get any autocomplete suggestions or documentation when using Ctrl + q. However PhpStorm doesn’t mark it as syntax error.

  • Permanent API display

Okay this is really rather related to PhpStorm than anything else but maybe someone can still answer it. Is it possible to have something like a “help view” that is displayed permanently? I am new to Yii and I’m permanently looking up functions in the (super well documented) API. It would be convenient if I could do this in my IDE rather than switching to the browser all the time.

Thanks for your time and feel free to point out other hints that you think might be useful for me (and others).


Wiki page is still valid.

Navigation for render/renderPartial isn’t supported. Navigation in views ($this and stuff) can be supported but with addition of IDE hints so it’s not as nice as in Yiiclipse.

Magic properties support will be way better in 1.1.9 since I’ve added a lot of phpdoc to SVN. Also see (in Russian but you’ll get an idea from code snippet).

Which API page do you want to display?

Okay, the navigation isn’t that important, it doesn’t work for me in yiiclipse either.

What exactly do you mean by IDE hints?

Okay, I didn’t want to ask but it’s kinda obvious. Can you roughly estimate when 1.1.9 will be released?

As for the API pages: I’d like to have something like So I can not only view the description of the method I am currently using but also search for classes/methods and read the class description rather than method signature only.

IDE hints are phpdoc in form of /** @var $this CController */

I hope we’ll release before new year.

Currently there is no such documentation browsing feature.

Not really, I commented a bit the the issues and solutions.

Glad to hear 1.1.9 will fix some of these issues. I love using storm and just go into Yii and found it a bit frustrating that some of the code complete doesn’t work quite right.