Hello people,

I was having fun with twitter when I received a twit about PHPQuery ( )

How could you use it in your project ? Any idea ?

I fail to see what the point of it is.

Maybe someone else can explain it to me?

Anybody can xD

and everybody knows that the bird is the word


Because DOM pretty much sucks to learn (poor documentation and api)… and SimpleXML cannot modify documents

Hi Angelica,

I have a case use for you:

In my case, we made a function, that allows you to "post" a URL, and lets you select the image you want to "attach" to that URL. For that parsing, in PHP, we used CURL extension to retrieve the HTML from that address, and later we used DOM. We could have used PHPQuery and avoid looping, selecting by hand, etc…

I will refactor my code to use phpquery