PhpGrid integration

Hi everyone,

Anybody here who was able to use Phpgrid with Yiiframework? I’m not that advanced when it comes to MVC, so I’m not sure how it will affect my directory structure.

Place in components

configure the database in the conf.php of phpgrid

Thanks Perochak,I’ll try that.

Btw, does the same strategy applies with jqGrid? I’m aware that we have the extension for this, but what if I want to use the purchased jqGrid for PHP?

You can place the classes wherever you want.

The most confortable is to place in compoent, because they are auto-included.

If you use an extension, place in extension and then include them as ‘extension.extensionName.*’.

Usually I like to place all in compoment while developing for be more confortable, later if I want to do a bit of reodering I move to extension.

Hi everyone,

Nice topic.

Can any one show me with some sample code, how to do it. I place php grid in components and configure the database in the conf.php of phpgrid, but how can i use phpgrid with in my yii project?

If any one done that please share some info.

I tried getting this to work. I have it in my extensions folder, and all is well and setup. It loads phpGrid but it cannot load any of the js, css or other assets. In firebug it appears to be using the yii “index.php/” prefixed to it’s own “server_root”.

Did anyone else get this working?