PHPExcel, memory and Yii

I am using PHPExcel extension which is VERY memory consuming!

For a simple php script I had to increase memory_limit of php.ini to 4096M !

In cli mode of a php script (running from command line) there is no need to set max execution time but I did set it anyway, to zero for infinite execution.

Now after integration in Yii I also edited the php.ini of apache web server. memory_limit = 4096M and max_execution_time = 0

So are there ANY other configurations in Yii (or php generally) related to memory limits ??

I was getting a blank screen (except I had "print" statements before failure) when the memory was exceeded by loading PHPExcel objects from .xls files

Now loading works fine BUT there are situations where I cannot save(export) xls file! Same blank screen…

Thanks! I have already lost all day on this matter

Hi pligor

These are very high vales. I use only 512M and 1800 seconds for a very large files (~60 000 rows and 30 columns) with merged cells and different graphics. Something wrong with your parse script.

Thanks for the reply!

Finally the problem was as I imagined inside the configuration:

max_execution_time = 0

memory_limit = 4096M

max_input_time = -1

I suppose the key factor was the max_input_time. I later noticed that within 60 seconds the script would quit

The memory limit 4096M seems too large but in a certain point I want to load 14 excel files !!! to produce some statistics.

This is where I have to convince the previous generation (our father’s generation) that Databases is the only right way to go. But this is a totally different matter, much more difficult than any technical problems! :)


PS: really how to I set this thread as SOLVED ?

I am experiencing some similiar problems with creating an excel file from a large data set (model).

Could you explain where these parameters are maintained?

Thanks in Advance!