Phpdoc Not Found... What Is Your Yii Ide?

I tried to use the best out of Netbeans IDE,

one thing i like is that netbeans could cast php variable as a class

for example, in $form = ActiveForm::begin…,

the Netbeans cannot detect that $form is an ActiveForm class,

so i use

vdoc + tab

to generate and tell IDE that $form is a class like…

/* @var $form ActiveForm */

So, i can get autocomplete and PHPDoc of each method & property of $form.

However, this solution doesn’t work on GridView,

The method and property is suggesting if i vdoc the grid view like,

/* @var $form GridView */

but there is no PHPDoc of each method and property…

So how could you manage about this…

look the php doc above the method itself is quite hard, since there is some link and the default color of comment is too light…

Please advise,

GridView class is not finished yet, are you using the latest master code from github or the alpha release?

Which methods do you need to have phpdoc? In general we add phpdoc to all method but as said, GridView is not finished yet.

I install it via compose, i think it’s the latest master code.

GridView is worked so far so good, and in the file itself also has comment above each method.

But i don’t know why it show no phpdoc on netbeans suggestion (like in attached image)

Or do you have anyway to let IDE show the phpdoc of the selection beautifully?

Thank you