Phpdoc And Yii Behaviors

Hi guys,

I’m currently building a website which adds behaviors to models and to the yii application itself.

My question is how, in the comments, can I attach the method of a behavior to a class. Eg.

I have Product which has the behavior RouteBehavior.

class RouteBehavior extends CBehavior


    public function getRoute()


      ....code here ...



Product::model()-> ....

intellisense should pick up the getRoute() behavior somehow?

Now I want my editor to be able to reference this getRoute method from within my Product model but it doesn’t pick it when I enter Product::model()->getRoute().

Is there a way using phpdoc to make this possible?



Depends on your editor/IDE but @method tag might work:


 * @method getRoute()


class Product extends CActiveRecord {}