PHP Yii website revamp

Php Yii website revamp, Can I go for a Java platform for improved performance & Security.

Of course you can but I doubt security or performance would improve by itself. Java is not magically better than PHP so it all depends on how you code your project.


Years ago I came from java (servlets, ejb, jsp) there was no out of the box security, no pagination, etc. I learned to program my own.

Since I have used Yii2, laravel and cakephp.

Rbac is the same in all, yes yii has rbac, laravel has rbac, but I write my own.

Php has come a long way over the last several years. Twelve years ago the word enterprise and php was a no no.

Now php is great for enterprise level apps.

It’s not ready for a large logistics supply chain, like Fedex, but for most enterprise business apps php is right there with the other languages.

But any language you have to implement proper security.

It is quite ready for that.

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PHP has come a long way. In terms of productivity, especially with 7 and the frameworks, PHP can do a whole lot more with a lot less than Java.