PHP Yii developer / Tech lead

EVB of San Francisco is looking for a fulltime position and part time positions for Yii application developers who have strong communication skills.

The ideal candidate has leadership experience and the following chops:

Development Chops

  • Interest in pushing what is possible on the web, tuned into new technologies and techniques

  • Ability to lead a tech team though excellence in development. Solid software architecture skills, with emphasis on browser side code, but facility with server side

  • coding required as well; need to have a solid foundation in PHP and be able to translate ideas into reality with the Yii framework.

  • Comfortable with all aspects of development from database queries to markup

Creative Chops

  • Deep interest in product- drive to creatively balance user experience with business goals

  • Respect of the evolution of the web, and a strong knowledge of what has been tried, what works, and what doesn’t.

  • Ability to communicate clearly through wireframes and user flows

  • Respect for communicating information

Skill set

  • Solid PHP

  • Solid understanding of the Yii framework

  • Optionally:

  • Objected Oriented Javascript

  • functional programing

  • participation in open source projects

Please send a message, or contact us at