Php Warnings In Yiic

Yii used to work on this server, but I reinstalled manually everything and might have messed up php or apache in the process.

Ubuntu 8. with apache 2

When I try to create a web app I get the following errors:

Will these cause problems?

Your PHP config seems to contain outdated / wrong paths to certain modules. Check the files in /etc/php.d

Is this really Ubuntu 8?

8.04.4 LTS

I don’t have a php.d, but I have this with these:

root@vps236:/etc/php5/conf.d# ls

gd.ini mhash.ini mysql.ini odbc.ini pdo_dblib.ini pdo_odbc.ini pgsql.ini snmp.ini xsl.ini

ldap.ini mssql.ini mysqli.ini pdo.ini pdo_mysql.ini pdo_pgsql.ini recode.ini xmlrpc.ini

Have you just copied over your old config? Chances are that these modules have not been installed properly. As far as I can see, none of them should keep Yii from running.

It should have been brand new. Well, if yii don’t need them than it should work out somehow.