PHP version support

Yii 2.0 until, when you plan to be compatible with PHP 5, there are many confirmations that can be combined by uploading the PHP version to 7, it would be a BC, but each programmer can specify its version of Yii 2.0.

Hi @vanhelvzla;

Yii 2.0 need PHP Version 5.6>, i used Yii 2.0 with PHP 7.3 and running perfectly, i dont have problem with PHP 7.0> in Yii 2.0 but depend third library installed with composer

If it works perfectly, the detail is that there are commits and improvements that would break PHP 5.6, which is literally out, it would be good to support the PHP versions that have support since the framework at some point may have security flaws.

Of course, but Yii 2.0 Actually have support on PHP 5.6 +