PHP Reporting Solutions

Is anyone out there using a PHP reporting solution that ideally is interactive so that users can specify fields, group by, subtotals, etc.? If not interactive, something that generates decent reports using an offline designer would also work. CodeCharge Studio falls in to the second category, although I’ve never used it. Lastly, it would also be nice if the solution was easy to integrate into a Yii site. :)

I am curious about finding / creating a reporting solution for Yii as well. It seems like this would be a widely used / needed extension that many people could benefit from.

If anyone has found a good reporting solution to use with Yii please let us know!

What are we talking about here? did try but it wasent helpfull im slow (like homer).

Asgaroth, I searched and searched. Mostly you find other people asking about the same thing. Or you find products that have a Windows client for building reports. I did find QLR Manager which has all of the features I want, but can’t readily be included in a Yii app the way I want. I may get ambitious (after my current project) and try to create something…or not. :)

Ok I didnt know what a "reporting solution" was, I checked QLR Manager and now I think I have an idea…