PHP-programmer with experience of looking for remote work on yii2 (ready to start as a junior)


I am looking for remote work on yii2 part-time (20 hours per week).

Knowledge of technologies (basic):

  • PHP, JavaScript, jQuery

  • MySQL, Oracle.

  • Yii Framework 2.


  • Git, Subversion.

  • Linux Administration.

  • Configuring web servers.

Experience programming in PHP and works with Linux - more than 10 years.

Experience programming in Yii Framework - 4 months.

Knowledge of software development technology.

Experience in project management.

Experience in demanding projects.

Experience in developing enterprise services and CRM.

Because experience with Yii Framework is small, it is ready to start as a junior at the rate of $5/hour.

I am waiting for your suggestions in the "private messages" or mail s4devel[at]

I’m from Russia.