PHP IDE with support for Yii2?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems that the Eclipse PDT only has support for Yii version 1


Does anyone use it with Yii2 and does it work?

Also, what do you guys think of the IDEs listed here:

I’m on Windows and right now I’m using Notepad++ and/or EditPad Pro, both of which offer syntax highlighting for PHP and HTML, but not a full IDE.

All suggestions welcome.

Do some searches on this site you will find more info on this question.

I am really fond of PHPStorm. I moved from Notepad++ for most of my development a couple of years ago and have never looked back.

I don’t know just what specific support for YII2 it provides, but JetBrains is a supporter of YII.ORG.

It will really take a while to really start getting a lot of benefit out of a IDE, but I found just using it as an edited started showing me a lot of benefit.

I also hear that a lot of people are using netbeans for PHP as well. Someone else will need to sing its praises however, as I have never used it.

+1 for PhpStorm

PhpStorm works great indeed, out of the box it recognizes most Yii2 objects and namespaces across multiple files and classes. There are also quite some extensions and plugins available for all JetBrains IDEs, and if you ever need to work on a Java/Python/etc. project, it’s easy to switch to another flavor of the JetBrains IDE.

Thanks guys. I will try out PHPStorm

u can use PHPStorm. nice IDE for me. :)

You can use Visual Code and add extension for yii2.

Hi there!

I recommend Codelobster IDE -

CodeLobster is a lightweight and fast IDE, available for all major OS - Win, Mac, Linux.