PHP Guru w/ Yii experience

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Job Description

You can’t wait to tackle problems in new ways, and know how to do it with PHP. You’ve watched sites crash under heavy load and brought them back to life by optimizing code and using caching techniques. You’re ready to create a public API to open up FaceChipz to the world. You’re great, but can still work within a team of other great engineers.


  • Tons of experience with PHP 5, MVC, OOP

  • Experience with what will scale and what won’t

  • Knowledge of how to deploy to a web farm

  • At least dabbled with the FaceBook API

  • Extensive knowledge of PHP frameworks, preferably Yii

Why Work at Facechipz?

FaceChipz is a well-funded internet company based on the west side of Los Angeles, CA, and you have the opportunity to work with smart people in a fast-paced environment on challenging projects. With FaceChipz you get all the benefits of a startup (no red-tape, freedom to innovate), plus a few extras that you won’t find in other startups (competitive salary, ownership options, certain future).

Local Applicants only.

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Where is local?

As written in the OP’s : Los Angeles, CA