PHP framework review/comparison on my website

I have written a comparison of three PHP frameworks: Yii, CodeIgniter and CakePHP.


It is very positive of Yii. This comparison is the result of several weeks of study of all three frameworks, starting from almost no initial knowledge.

Are you dissatisfied with most comparisons because they are too superficial? Me too. So I tried to make a positive contribution by writing a review/comparison that is thorough, balanced and clearly written. No framework is the absolute winner, but Yii certainly impressed.

It took a lot of work to write this. Now I hope that new users can find it, and that it is useful.

Thank you for writing this nice review article. I especially appreciate your effort in analyzing the security aspect of each framework. I am looking forward to seeing your next article about using each framework in practice where features like database support, caching, RAD are all eye catching topics.

Regarding the performance test that you have done, it is not very meaningful when comparing them without APC or other byte code caching. For simple applications like 'hello world', most of the time would be spent in loading and parsing the PHP scripts without APC turning on. So in this case one framework will certainly be slower than the other if it has finer files.

Thanks for the correction about the performance test. I would love to test again using APC, but when my web host installed APC my Drupal site stopped working.  :(  So they had to turn APC off. I don’t know much about APC and I can’t afford to have Drupal not working. If you know how to make APC cache the Yii application but ignore Drupal, I will be happy to do the test again using APC and I’ll update the post.

I would suggest you do it on a dedicated machine, even your development machine is better than the shared host because the latter often has uneven load and won't give reliable and consistent comparisons.

I might try that. I don't have a spare computer, but I can use my development box. I'm not much of a system administrator, but Ubuntu usually makes things simple.


I made a translation of your article to russian language for russian-speaking community. And of course your copyrights and links to your blog are present.

Thanks for great review!

Russian translation is available here -

Wow. Thanks. :) I’m very glad to see the article being used. I see a lot of comments too on your post. I read them with Google Translate. A lot of the comments are good and I wish I could participate in the discussion.

For example, perhaps some comments are right and I don't understand Cake. But if that is true, that tells me that Cake must be complex because I spent more time learning Cake than the other frameworks.

It would be good to see tests with XCache, APC has problems running with Zend Optimizer or vice versa and a lot of setups use Zend.