php.exe is not recognized with yii migrate

OK, not very knowledgeable with all this so need some help.

I was running an easyPhp local wamp ver 14 and then upgraded to ver 17. I migrated my web and DB from ver 14 to ver 17 and things seem to be working. However, when i try to push a yii2 migration to the db, i get an error that php.exe is not recognized as a command.

I am not sure which php.exe file it is looking for. In case it is in my wamp, the easyphp binary folder has two folders that were created about a minute apart when i installed the wamp- here is the path to one of them (php713vc14x86x170623205818):

C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-Devserver-17\eds-binaries\php\php713vc14x86x170623205818, where folder php713vc14x86x170623205818 contains php.exe. or does yii’s console resources take care of this. so, does anyone know what i need to do to so that yii migrate can find the php.exe file?- and yes, i did search the topic and the suggestions on setting environmental paths, but it is still not clear to me.


This is an EasyPHP question :)

The php-cli executable needs to be in your path - so make sure that it is :)

Is it pointing to the old one?

You can view the path (IIRC) by entering this into a cmd prompt:

echo %PATH%

Also, if you haven’t rebooted after you’ve installed the new PHP, then please do that.