php.exe is not recognized with yii migrate

OK, not very knowledgeable with all this so need some help.

I was running a phpeasy local wamp ver 14 and then upgraded to ver 17. I migrated my web and DB from ver 14 to ver 17 and things seem to be working. However, when i try to push a yii2 migration to the db, i get an error that php.exe is not recognized as a command.

I am not sure which php.exe file it is looking for. In case it is in my wamp, the phpeasy php binary folder has two folders that were created about a minute apart when i installed the wamp- here is the path to one of them (php713vc14x86x170623205818):

C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-Devserver-17\eds-binaries\php\php713vc14x86x170623205818, where folder php713vc14x86x170623205818 contains php.exe. or does yii’s console resources take care of this. Since i did the initial install of yii via composer to the ver14 wamp, i am assuming that i lost something when i manually moved the web application to the web root of the ver 17 wamp. so, what do i need to do to so that yii migrate can find the php.exe file?


sorry for the duplication- is received an error when i tried to send this post and thought it did not send, so i cleaned up what i had and resent it (the second more recent posting).


ok, just a little more info

if i just run the php.exe file in the wamp, it can’t find any of the dll files

php warning: php startup: unable to load dynamic library ‘C:\php\ext\php_xsl.dll’ – the specified module could not be found.


hope this triggers something with someone.

It sounds like windows can’t find php.exe, and the yii batch file just prepends ‘php.exe’ to the call to the yii file. A couple of things to look at:

When you upgraded from ver14 to ver17 it looks like the server directory changed. Try running php.exe with a fully qualified name "C:\Program Files…818\php.exe" yii migrate.

If that works, then check your system PATH variable for the old directory and replace it with the new one. The upgrade/install may not have done that for ver17.