Php crashes with model command


my connection string to the local mysql db (xampp installation) is the following:









when I launch "model User" command by yiic shell I get a php.exe crash and the error:

The instruction at "0x0237250a" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory coudl not be "read".

How can I solve this? Thank you

This is caused by PHP installation. Please check if your PHP cli version is compatible with the PDO extension. You may also consider reinstalling PHP.

You're right! It's a problem caused by the php-mysql dll used by XAMP 1.7

Sorry, this question was already been solved… I realized after the right search.

Here the previous topic:


Here the fix:


Thank you!


Hi Folks,

I have had the same error, but I found the solution calling the boobstrap file within the shell command this way:

yiic shell …/index.php

I´m using Windows 7 with WampServer.