PHP and Yii framework

Hello eveyone,

I have started recently learning PHP language and using Yii framework and i am still a beginner at it. I would like to ask how to improve our skills towards learning a new Framework like Yii and what are the fundamentals to focus on so later we will feel comfortable using the framework. Also, I would like to know any recommendation for PHP books that can put us on the right track when using relevant PHP frameworks, because for me to be successful in you should understand the logic behind it and have very good understanding of fundamentals. Sorry for that much talk. Feel free to express any advice that can help a beginner like me and others. Thank you all for the wonderful community and have a great weekend.


If you are perfect in PHP programming language then you can easily work with Yii Framework, because its fully based on PHP5.

Here many tutorials in Yii Wiki section & Also Nos. of Yii Extensions are available here so you can add with your Yii Projects to make more advance.

I would recommend the blog tutorial