PHP 7 not insert the data

Hi Friends,

I developed the site under the PHP 5.5 with Oracle Db ,when I install the PHP 7 inserting and updating C[size="2"]dbcriteria [/size]query is not working… but when I write the create command query is working.

[size=“2”]for e.g My Datatype field is VARCHAR2 and I try to inserting the value “123” using [/size]C[size=2]dbcriteria [/size][size=“2”] but not working, when I changed the value “test” and try to insert using [/size][size=“2”]Cdbcriteria it’s insert. [/size][size=“2”]I [/size][size=“2”]thought PHP 7 is stick comparison datatype value.[/size]

Can you please any solution how to work C[size="2"]dbcriteria query on PHP7?[/size]

Not working how exactly? Is it throwing errors? Which errors? What’s in logs?

Hi When I use the CdbCriteria that time I give the below message…

CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: ORA-01858: a non-numeric character was found where a numeric was expected. The SQL statement executed was: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM "SAK_ANNOUNCMENTS" "t" WHERE ACTIVE_TO >= :date1 and TEAM_ID LIKE '%24%'. Bound with :date1='23-02-2016'


Even it’s working on previous PHP version.

I don’t see any 123 in the error.

Just a reference like if datatype field is varchar and I insert the VARCHAR value (like “abc”) it’s working but if i insert the numeric value with string (like “123”) on VARCHAR field it’s return query error with Bound value.

It’s not working on PHP7.

Looks like Oracle PDO change. I can’t verify it, not using Oracle. It’s a good idea to post to issue tracker: so other team members would check it.