Philippines Real Estate Property Map Browser! is completely built with Yii!

I just updated it today with a cool new feature called "Philippines Real Estate Property Map Browser!"

Something similar to Zillow or Trulia using the Google Maps API.

Check it out!

really great job,

please is it possible to know how you did it ? Especially the selection function, I want to do something quit similar to you’s in my country. Im using Egmap ext to render the google map

thank you


I didn’t use any ext. You don’t need extension to work with Google Maps API specially if you are customizing it. It’s just few lines of code, just refer to the API reference.

Here are the steps:

  1. In main view, the data is not yet loaded. I only pass parameters needed for AJAX call to load data.

  2. In Google Map instance, I load data from AJAX where I pass the parameters. The data is loaded when the page is called.

So basically, each category and city locations have its URL. I did it for SEO purpose.


Otherwise, you can load everything dynamically form AJAX.

Below code is the one that loads the data from ajax.

data = (function () {

			    var data = null;


			        async: false, global: false,

			        url: 'ajaxurl',

				    data:<?php echo json_encode($params) ?>,

				 	dataType: 'json',

			        success: function (o) {

						if (o.out==0) {

			            	data =;

						} else {





			    return data;



thank you for your help I really appreciated

can you please show me how to do step one end two or at lease give me some examp please ?

sorry Im a nweebie



looks great. good job