PhalconPHP: New PHP Framework compiled as C Extension

Hello, I don’t know if someone has talked about this before in this forum but recently I saw a post on Spanish “slashdot” blog talking about a new PHP framework pretty fast, I don’t know anything about it in deep, but here I’m letting you a benchmark from them:

There are more PHP frameworks than you can possibly shake a stick at these days… sigh


It’s a C extension.

That would explain why it’s faster.

That’s a pretty bad idea if you want your framework to be widely adopted.

You’ll need full access to your web server in order to install the extension.

But I guess that’s not the goal here.

Interesting. :)

I have read the documentation and is pretty pretty similar to Yii in structure…

And from my point of view, nowdays, any "semi-proffesional" web project has full access to server, you can get a small VPS for les than 10$ at month nowdays… or even free in Amazon!!

hi there

i have read about extension , i like to know is it possible to port something like this idea to Yii

something like extension which if user installed can add to config and run ,

but not forcing user

I have looked at PhalconPHP.

It looks more professional from the architecture and reminds me of J2EE projects (e.g. IOC Container like Google Guice or Tapestry’s IOC)

From a business point of view, what counts is the existing modules/code you can re-use and avoid having to write it yourself - which is a drawback for PhalconPHP.

However, if you have many modules available for Yii - and those modules need rework or performance tuning or security patches - or are not available for Yii2 yet, it might be better to start from scratch with PhalconPHP then sticking with Yii-Framework.