pgsql primary key issue

i have create table "Users" in postgresql db v.8.5

\d users

Table "public.users"

  Column  |          Type          | Modifiers


id      | integer                | not null

username | character varying(64)  | not null

password | character varying(64)  | not null

email    | character varying(128) | not null


    "users_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (id)

    "users_email_key" UNIQUE, btree (email)

    "users_username_key" UNIQUE, btree (username)

but when i type "crud users", i`ve got

Error: Table "Users" does not have a primary key.

i`ve solved it :)

id field  must have  serial type

I too ran into this problem. I created the following schema.pgsql.sql file and I have attached it here for others. PostgreSQL is a first class open source database, and it would be great to have this file included in future source distributions.

Three versions, gzip, zip and text, since I am not allowed to upload plain sql files.