Persian Translation

Dear friends,

I have recently translated Yii messages to Persian.Since Persian Yii community is totally new I decided to post my translations here.

If I should post them somewhere else or commit them through svn please guide me.

I’m really eager to help develop Yii-Persian community therefore I can help anyone to translate his/her extensions.I already translated Yii-Core messages and Yii-User extension messages.

Best Regards,

Bamdad Dashtban

Hi Bamdad,

thank you for sharing your translation files. however you made minor mistakes in some sentenecs (like putting source sentence in target place, or forgetting to translate a sentence at all), the total work is very appreciable.

I think this could be added to Yii official massages.

would you share Yii-user module translation here? or email it to the module admin to add it to main package?


Right now I am translating the messages of the Yii-User module to Turkish but I couldn’t find a way to change the default language to Turkish. I am a newbie in Yii, could you please tell me how can I do it?


Thank you, but how we should use these files?

Thanks a lot My friend,