pdo set up in debian

My debian setup for php has PDO extension install as yii write but no mysql drive-How can I set up mysql and sqlite drivers?


Not sure exactly what you want but…

If you want to enable pdo extension for mysql, open your php.ini and make sure these lines aren’t commented out:





Same story with sqlite, just search for ‘pdo_sqlite’ in your php.ini.

apt-get install php5-sqlite php5-mysql should include PDO configuration…

No php5-sqlite available on my Ubuntu Jaunty (and also on an EmDebian System) even if sqlite itself is installed.

I’ve tried to find pdo_sqlite.so, but also no luck, so how to get the PDO SQLite extension to be passed in the checker?



graceful bump

OK, I’ve found php5-sqlite in Debian Lenny and installed this package in EmDebian.

Now it works