PDO-less database for Yii / ActiveRecord

I have already done the rough cut of this for my own use - separated CDbConnection and CDbCommand into two classes each - one base for general methods that do not require database access, and another that extends the first and implements all the PDO database access (mostly the bind* and query* methods).

I can post my changes where appropriate if anyone’s interested. I believe the possibility to fully use Yii without the restrictions of PDO would be a big plus.

I also have another set of classes extending the base and implementing database access to Firebird via the php_interbase driver (I’m also using the Firebird schema posted in this forum last December with some modifications.) At the moment this kind of works with AR, though it will require much more work in the days to come. For sure it can already be seen as a ‘proof of concept’.


I have been using Firebird with Delphi for years and now want to use it with Yii too. Have been just experimenting with MYSQL to get used to working with Yii, but develping with MYSQL is out of the question. Have seen Dec thread regarding Firebird adapter and recent news that PHP 5.3 includes improved Firebird PDO support. Currently getting familiar with Debian linux so I can buid up a dev VM with Firebird and latest PHP on it :) I want to try and stick with Firebrid if not Postgres is the next option.


  • Lou

This is not so much about firebird, it’s about adding another layer of abstraction and more flexibility.

Now that you mention Delphi - in the beginning Delphi’s database access objects were tied to the Borland Database Engine, then (it was v4 I think) they separated the general logic from the BDE-related, and now there are many many 3rd party Delphi component sets to provide connection to different databases.