Pdf Out Of Filtered Tbextendedgridview Table

As it’s my 1st post ever on this forum, first things first: Hello there everyone!

Her’s my situation. I have half done project passed on to me and i never ever worked in Yii before. I did work in Codeigniter, which at first glance looks much simpler to be than Yii.

Anyway, i have view with 2x TbButton (one insert button, one "create pdf button" and 1x TbExtendedGridView (main table).

TbExtendedGridView itself has filters that work fine. I can search by any column and get nice results in same table.

Additionaly I installed http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/pdf/ and "create pdf" button links to actionPdfreport controler which generated PDF.

What i dont know is how to pass variables that filter has to that controller.

My 1st idea was to add variables to link of "create pdf" which than i would process in controler and create view that would be output as PDF.

Problem is that i can not append filter variables to the button. In firebug i can see new "GET" request being created once i submit anything to filters, but i can not access to any of params inside that new GET request.

I’m guessing (really guessing as i’m new to Yii) that it’s AJAX call and that it only refreshes TbExtendedGridView part of the view. If i needed those params inside table, i would be able to use them as that part of page is reloaded, but i need to use those params inside button widget which does not get refreshed and it stays with old unrpocessed link (link processing is done within controller and sent to view).

I have no idea how to deal with it.

Please help.