pdf generated using fpdf is not opening in windows os

i have generated pdf using fpdf butit is not opening in windows could someone tell me were i missed it

Detail to us you development environment and the relevant lines of your code.

I have no problems with Windows, except for caches.





$pdf=new FPDF();




$pdf->Cell(0,10,"Exam Type",0,0,'C',false);


$pdf->Cell(0,10,"Exam Name",0,0,'L',false);









foreach($result as $key=>$value)




















this is a view page and variables used here is sent from controller through render

Is a pdf Viewer installed on windows? Do you send the correct headers? Which Browser are you using? Is is https?

see i just executed the code shown above and i am using linux and after transferring it to windows it is not opening in it…i think i am missing some lines of codes …