pdf convert and (multiple pictures upload)........


I am currently working on a project to allow user upload multiple pictures and convert them into ONE pdf file…

Is there any extension of something like that I can use to do that? (combine like 5 uploaded pictures into one pdf file)

Thanks in advance!!!!

Have you had a look at http://www.livedocx.com/? I’ve used it to convert DOC files on the fly and it works like a treat. The free version allows 200 conversions/day (I think). The basic idea would be to create an html file (that’s the easiest format, I think) in your controller and pass the HTML file to the LiveDocX API.

The only downside to the free version is the font limitations. If you need to convert/embed text into your PDF, your only choices for fonts are those installed on their servers.



I already have solutions for pictures.(imageMagick)

However, I have no idea how to deal with ppt, doc, etc.

I have heard there is a software on linux called open office can do that…

I am going to give it a try…

Any better solutions?


Converting TO those formats or FROM?

If TO, LiveDocX can output pdf, doc, docx, html, rtf, txd, txt.

I’ve had a look at using Open Office to run a conversion script but I wanted to scratch my eyes out when I saw the cludge of coding I’d have to do.

Check out - http://www.abisource.com/wiki/AbiCommand#PHP_Example and http://www.tcpdf.org/.


I want to convert doc TO pdf file.

I took a look at several pdf generator ext in yii’s repo, almost all of them are about convert HTML to pdf…

That is also true for tcpdf… i think.

I want to try zend’s pdf convertor , but it seems like can only convert doc, but not ppt. act

@jiaming Can you please correct the thread title? I find it personally misleading, you’re talking about uploading pics and converting the result to pdf, and in further posts, you’re talking about converting doc and ppt…

oops… sorry about that. I thought it is another post…

I don’t know where can I update the title…

btw, I have found the way to convert pic to pdf.

There is a great tool called imageMagicK

Im not sure you still need any help or not, here is a professional pdf programming source, including pdf to image converting, you can get some online help or just try the free tial version to get some experience to start your own programming.

One approach would be to create some HTML with all of the images in it then pass it to a HTML to PDF service like GrabzIt’s. You would then get all of the images in a single PDF. There is a free tier you can use as well.

For the purposes of full disclosure, I am the creator of this service!