pcviewscounter. why I have this error?

Hello. Please help me to resolve this little problem. I dont undestand why I get it … even when I follow the instruction for this extension.

<?= $this->widget(“ViewsCountWidget”, array(‘modelId’ => $model->id, ‘modelClassName’ => get_class($model))); ?>

<?= $this->widget("ViewsCountWidget", array('modelId' => $model->id, 'modelClassName' => get_class($model))); ?>

And what I get:

Fatal error: Class PcBaseArModel contains 2 abstract methods and must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods (PcBaseArModel::getCreatorRelationName, PcBaseArModel::getCreatorUserId) in /homez.168/tap/www/yii/protected/components/PcBaseArModel.php on line 306 

Have you tried both latest versions of PcViewsCounter and PcBaseArModel extensions? If not, please upgrade and try again (just install the latest updates. Maybe you’ve used PcBaseArModel as a base class for some other classes in your webapp? If so, make sure they implement the couple of abstract methods in PcBaseArModel that need to be implemented. Please refer to the code for documentation on those methods (its rather simple).

If it doesn’t help please provide more information from protected/runtime/application.log and Apache’s error.log (I’m assuming this is Apache you’re using). Its hard to tell whats the problem from the above description.

I think this was fixed in the latest version of PcBaseArModel extension (v1.1). Please check…