paypal with yii app?

hi, i don’t have a problem yet, but i have this instinct am gonna handle a payment gateway using paypal,

I just wanna ask for your opinions,suggestions,comments,tips how to handle paypal with yii?

please post them briefly , thanks in advance :)

I did it 2 years ago, the Yii part was working perfectly, the problem is paypall documentation, that is awful, bad wirtten and incomplete.

I can advice you NOT TO TRY the webservice implementation, I lost lot of time and finally it didn’t worked properly, use url implementation.

Of corse I speak for how was paypall 2 yers ago, now can be better, but if you find some difficoult with ws, remember my wise words!

If I’m not mistaken, PayPal API offers developers to access it via standard SOAP / REST / WebService. Therefore (it that is true - if I’m not mistaken) search around forum for SOAP or WebService as there were many discussions on this matter here.

Yeha, is exaclty of thi SOAP interface that I am complaining, better to use url based interface.

I knew it, the payment gateway is mine :lol:

may I ask some pointers from all of you? aside from the ones that were posted above this reply,