Paypal Adaptive Payments SDK integration in Yii 1.1.x

I am trying to integrate Paypal Adaptive Payments SDK in Yii 1.1.x framework.

I installed composer and created a composer.json file with the following contents.


    "name": "me/myApp",

    "require": {




and I run composer update. I have updated the Configuration.php. After I require PPBootStrap.php in my application

Yii::import('application.extensions.pp.*', true);




after I create the receiver

$receiver = array();

$receiver[0] = new Receiver();

and I get the error:

include(Receiver.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

I integrated Angelleye PayPal library following the same logic with no problems (I am able to make payments). But I want to use the official sdk from PayPal.

I am not sure why the class Receiver is not being loaded. Any information and/or guidance on how to solve this issue will be greatly appreciated.