Payment To Multiple To Collect Every Input For Each Person?

Dear all,

I have a payment system that can only pay to one person now.

So right now the routine is : You choose a person to pay, input an amount, and click pay.

Now I want the user to pay to multiple people.

So I want a page with like 10+ people with 10+ textbox, then you input the amount for each of them and click pay, so the balance will be added to each person according to the amount you input for each of them.

My problem is…How can I collect the input? i was thinking about the associative array, but still not sure about how to inplement it …Any ideas would be highly appreciated!

Thank you all!

It’s killing me …anyone has idea about how to collect multiple and dynamic data like this…?(One amount for one person) and merge all these into a associative array?

like(user1=>10, user2=>5, …)