Payment processes and Extensions in Yii

Hi i was reading the issues list and found this one:…s/detail?id=131 about payment processes.

I think it will be good that this kind of extensions (some really useful and needed for big web sites and web Applications) to be some like official or recomended extensions. It will be good to know what qiang and wei think about this extensions and also to bring the comunity his view on the extensions.

I know it's a lot of job but this could make the extensions to be more used.

Maybe create a parallel project managed by them about the core extensions to be developed by the comunity. I could share some of my time wiith this (only if this is ok for you).

Every day I see new things on Yii i get more in love of it!

That's a great idea. We will start a separate project to host official extensions some time later. We will also enhance the current extension system to display recommended extensions, and perhaps with other features.


Good to hear that!

I wanna help

What could I do?

I will call for help when we set up everything, like we do with the yiidoc project. Thanks!