Passing Data To Views

Very new to Yii and I have a simple question.

I understand how to pass a model to a view from a controller.

In my case, I have this in a controller:

public function actionView()


           $id = $_GET['id'];

            $event = Event::model()->with('eventRecords')->findAllByPk($id); 



            if($event) {

		$this->render('view', array('event' => $event)); }



Now, this is always going to return exactly 1 Event (and one-to-many eventRecords).

This works in my view if I treat it as an array such as:


Does Yii always pass to the view as an array? I see the blog demo "view post" function is the same way and uses a loop in "view" and displays everything in "_view" so everything in _view can just be $event->fieldname.

Am I understanding this correctly?

I tried passing a single value to view (as in $foo = ‘bar’) but it doesn’t work as expected. Am I missing something?


$event = Event::model()->with('eventRecords')->findByPk($id);

and if you you want list details, you may use $event->eventRecords in your view

Perfect, thanks! I was just using findAllbyPk instead of findByPk. My mistake.