Passing Array From Form To Controller


I hope someone could please help me with the following

I have a form which dynamicaly generates any number of dropdown lists ranging from 1-100 depending on the users selection

The dropdowns are not directly part of my active model but the data I get back will be used for creating player records

I have extended my model to include the variable ‘position’ and also added it to safe as follows:


class GameResults extends CActiveRecord


	// extend to add property into model

	public $position;	//	to be used as the array for player



array('position', 'safe'),


In my view I have a hidden dropdown list which has been generated so that I can clone and re-use its options

_form.php - Hidden Select With Options To Be Cloned

<?php echo $form->dropDownList($model, 'wibble', $model->getPlayerlist(), array('class' => 'hidden', 'id' => 'venue_player_list')); ?>

<?php echo $form->hiddenField($model,'played_count',array('id'=>'howmany')); ?>

_form.php - Select A Number


// This dropdown gets populated from the model by calling getPlayercount() and once selected it passes the value to the function 'myfunction'

echo $form->dropDownList($model, 'player_total_selector', $model->getPlayercount(),







_form.php - Script create required number of dropdowns incrementing the array ID

<script type="text/javascript">

// function gets the value of players then loops & clones the hidden options

function myfunction(val) 


	str = '';


	for (var i = 1; i <= val; i++) {

		str += '<div class="row"><select name="GameResults[position' + i + ']" id="position' + i + '"></select></div>';


	// Outputs the required number of empty selects to the div with the id #container


	// Clone hidden options and append to the new selects

	var $selectContents = $('#venue_player_list option').clone();




Everything works as expected

I select a number

The dropdowns appear populated with the cloned content

And if for example I select 3, and make my selections I can see the following ID’s been passed in the browser

Now I am stuck :(

Was this the correct way to pass an array?

And How do I loop through it in my controller?

For an example how to loop and echo out passed results?

My Controller looks like this so far

public function actionCreate()



		$isok = true;	

		$model=new GameResults;

		if (isset($_POST['GameResults'])) {

		    try {




					$total = $model->played_count;		// get the total number of people played for use in the loop counter



					for ($i = 1; $i <= $total; $i++){	// initiate the loop 

				        $x = $model->position[$i];		// test output 


				        echo '<pre>';		// TEST	


					    echo '</pre>';



		        	if ($isok == true) {


	                	$this->redirect(array('view', 'id' => $model->id));


			        else {


			           echo 'something wrong!';



		    catch(Exception $e) { 








I have looked at many examples and read the section on tabular input but I cannot see the simple way to manually craft an array and loop through it in my controller

Any help would be most appreciated

Many thanks


why do you do

GameResults[position' + i + ']

i mean, it’s already an array, just leave


then just traverse in controller

foreach($_POST['GameResults'] as $v) {

$v - value of select


Many thanks for your help with this

I have taken your suggestion and slightly modified my code.

This image shows my controller, the var_dump results, and the console in my browser.

The 2 values I want to loop over and capture are highlighted by the arrows ‘position’ & ‘bounty’

How could I loop and capture:

foreach( … {

 &#036;y = position

 &#036;x = bounty


i hardly understand why you make simple things so complicated.

if you want to tie position and bounty, then make 2 dropdowns, and same index of array will tie them for you.

if you want to use one dropdown and pass 2 values on selection (or just want to be sure PHP didn’t make a joke on you), you can make ajax serialization using user data.


<select name="GameResults[]" bounty-data="YOUR_BOUNTY" value="YOUR_POSITION" />

but in this way, you will have to submit post via ajax like



  var sel = $('yourdropdown').find(":selected");

  $.post(URL, {bounty: sel.attr('bounty-data'), position: sel.val(), function(res){

      // res is ajax response

      //if success redirect

      window.location.href = 'new url';



do you want something like that?


can you in 10 words explain what you want :lol:


Sorry, I will try

1: Select number of players

2: Choose player from list matching finish position

3: Choose players bounty score

4: Loop and store results

[indent]1st Place = Player_id 17 + Bounty = 0

2nd Place = Player_id 8 + Bounty = 3

3rd Place = Player_id 26 + Bounty = 7[/indent]

Many Thanks


it looks more clear.

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if you trust DOM/PHP enough, you can simply leave indexing on DOM

<select name="GameResults_Players[]">

<option value="user-id">Smith</option>


<select name="GameResults_Bounties[]">

<opotion value="0"></option>


and then do as you did

$players = $_POST['GameResults_Players'];

$bounties = $_POST['GameResults_Bounties'];

for($i=0; $i< count($players); $i++) {

   $position = $i + 1; // you trust DOM here

   $user_id =  $playes[$i];

   $bounty = $bounties[$i];


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but, if you don’t trust, you may want to go with serialization and json

as for me who prefer json… i would post via ajax as objects, maybe even close to active record model

in short, you want to send array of objects

{ players: [ players_objs ], total_players }

where players_obj = {user, position, bounty}

so, in html it will look next

<select position-data="1" name="GameResults_Positions[]">

<option value="user-id">Smith</option>


<select position-data="1" name="GameResults_Bounties[]">

<option value="0"></option>


and jquery js

var players = [];

$.each($('select[name="GameResults_Positions[]"]'), function() {

   var player = {};

   var player.position = this.attr('position-data');

   var player.user_id = this.find('option:selected').val();

   var b = $('select[name="GameResults_Bounties[]"]).find('[position-data="'+player.position+'"]').closest();

   var player.bounty = b.find('option:selected').val();



$.post(url, { players: players, ...}, function... );

and on server side

$players = json_decode($_POST['players'])

foreach($players as $p) {

$p->position / $p->bounty / $p->user_id


sorry for errors, it’s late here and i didn’t test it

Thank you for all of your help,

Your answers have helped me to solve this problem

Many thanks