Pass vars from config files to a component

Hi, I have component in component dir that connect to a DB. Now I would like to pass $table1, $table2, $table3 and so on as arguments from config file. Is it possible to do that, and how?



Your component must extend from CApplicationComponent. For example:

class MyComponent extends CApplicationComponent


    public $table1;

    public $table2;


Then in config:

'components' => array(


   'myComponent' => array(

      'class' => 'MyComponent',

      'table1' => 'foo',

      'table2' => 'bar',




Thanks Y!! it works!

Can I set default value for $table if it is not defined in config file?

Thanks again

public $table1 = 'MyTable';


I’ve tried, but it doesn’t work

It was my mistake, it works.