pass value to perl file


How to pass value to perl file? Normal way I ca do in php like this

<form method=post

Using Yii what is the rule?

The same?

Not same. Bcz when browser call the pl file, it says "Do you want to open or save the file?" Without yii, no problem to see the passing value. Let me know if you have any answer.

Start with plain html (it works for me)

<form method="post" action="/cgi-bin/printenv">


<form method="post" action="/cgi-bin/">

then if you want, you can try


 echo CHtml::beginForm(Yii::app()->urlManager->baseUrl.'/../cgi-bin/');



 echo CHtml::endForm();



Should work with plain html controls generated from the Yii class CHtml. Check what’s sent to your browser.



Working. THanks Buddy.



Now I can pass the value to perl(.pl) file. But the problem is, page is showing in I want the page in yii, like Is there any way to do this.