Partial Render View from Module to main directory

[size="5"]Problem 1[/size]

I want to renderPartial a view from modules. Actual directory structure is protected/modules/staff/views/myplacedeals/create.php is the file that needs to be rendered in protected/views/places/view.php The problem is that i get exception if I put










nothing from above works.

I get

CException : PlacesController cannot find the requested view


Rawatz and Ciss helped but i was not able to make it work.

[size="5"]Problem 2[/size]

with this i also have a confusion that when it comes to renderPartial’s first argument it says that works like getViewFile. Now conditions for view file returning is

Question is what ever you give in first parameter getViewFile would search for given view in following order

absolute view within a module if fails next

absolute view within the application if fails next

aliased view if fails next

relative view


the reason for module is self-contain and independent, so I would not renderpartial view in another module.

you could use cportlet instead of renderpartial.

check code of function renderpartial , if you replace $view with $viewFile, it shows empty string,

so whatever your syntax was you will all get the same error, it does not say, yii did not find your $view

but resolved $viewFile, so my understanding is yii did not expect you to renderpartial from another modules.

correct me if i’m wrong.

public function renderPartial($view,$data=null,$return=false,$processOutput=false)








			return $output;


			echo $output;



		throw new CException(Yii::t('yii','{controller} cannot find the requested view "{view}".',

//				array('{controller}'=>get_class($this), '{view}'=>$view)));

			array('{controller}'=>get_class($this), '{view}'=>$viewFile)));


it throws error like this:

ShipmentController cannot find the requested view "". 

Try $this->renderPartial(‘application.modules.staff.views.myplacedeals.create’,array())


Yes, it’s working…