Partial page updates - can Yii do this?


Can Yii do a partial page update from the client? So, if I do something in the page in the browser that warrants a change in the DOM, can Yii help here or is this basically, an Ajax type callback?

I want to write a rich application and I am trying to establish whether Yii can do this, or whether this is more a task for something like Sproutcore?

Thank you.

Yii is a PHP (Server side) framework…

client side changes are done by jQuery / ajax calls… but they call the server side script… and there is Yii to help you ;)

In Yii there are some helper methods that can make a bit easier to write client side (jquery) code…

Thanks for this. Could you point me to any examples of this in the documentation?

I did not understand for what examples you are asking?

As you are new here… I would suggest you to read the Definitive Guide to Yii and the Blog tutorial…

as always, the answer is yii: yes it is

have a look at this


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