Part-time Yii developer wanted


We’re a CT based web-company with about 200 clients. We are currently moving some of them over to our new custom CMS that is based on Yii.

We are looking for another web developer to join our team. You would be helping me (main developer) indirectly by working on some of the smaller tasks so I can focus on improving the platform. We already have a designer and a HTML/CSS guy that provide us with the basic setup, so you would mostly plug in the functionality (news, gallery, email modules, etc). There would also be content migration involved from the older sites.

Candidate must be able to:


[*]Code using PHP/Yii primarily, but jQuery, HTML, CSS and basic MySQL are also required.

[*]Write clean code, with proper code indentation.

[*]Work sometime between 9pm to 1am PT (noon and 4am ET). When is up to you as long as you are able to check in a couple of times daily. Those are the times we usually have someone online.

[*]Communicate clearly and comfortably over Skype in English. Native English speakers preferred.

[*]Work on several different task and domains during the course of a day.

[*]Ask questions when needed. Don’t spend an hour figuring something out when I can show you how to do it in 15 min.

[*]Track your time properly using paymo (account provided). No invoicing required.


Job starts at $15/hr (payable twice monthly using PayPal) for about 10 to 20 hours a week. This will go up after the first month based on your performance, ability, and attitude.

If you code well and get your job done efficiently, you will be rewarded accordingly.

This is a great learning opportunity and a chance to get your feet wet in the industry if you haven’t already.

PM me with your details and experience if you are interested.

Is this still available?