Part Time Sysadmin For Yii Apps


We are a group of a few programmers and UI designers from around the world getting ready to launch a SaaS application focused on Human Resources; we are looking for a part-time server manager to preside over ~6 server deployments for this and various other separate but smaller web-based business interests. The workload would range from 20-40 hours some weeks (especially up front) to 2-4 hours most weeks. The job would be telecommuting entirely over e-mail and Skype. Particularly looking for someone responsive and available; not looking to harass someone at odd hours, but someone who is available in the timeframe of a couple hours if something urgent comes up on the rare occasion would be a particularly good match.

Experience with, or at least familiarity with, the following would be important:

  • Thorough, clean, organized, and well-presented documentation for the programming guys to utilize, and for your own benefit months and years down the line.

  • CentOS/RHL

  • Standard LAMP stack

  • DNS/SSL considerations

  • Apache mods, PHP extensions - installation and configuration

  • Knowledge of an appropriate scripting language to run cron tasks

  • r1soft and other backup solutions

  • Nagios, zabbix, or similar server monitoring suite

  • Server security considerations and best practices

  • PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/JS basics; enough to be able to manipulate basic HTML/scripts of existing websites to make things like contact forms function.

Experience that would be helpful to have but not necessary:

  • Load balancing, distributed computing (we deal with dedicated and VPS machines now, but may be dealing with things of this nature in the future)

  • Amazon’s cloud offerings or similar offerings. (right now, as a quickly-available alternative server to our dedicated machines for high-availability applications)

Payment negotiable. Let me know if you have any questions. If interested in discussing further, please get in touch via PM and we can go from there. Hope to hear from you!