Part time developer wanted to help beginner

I need someone experienced in the Yii framework to help me build a small web application for personal use (will not be public). I’m an amateur PHP programmer without much experience and I’ve only read through the Yii documentation. I wanted to build this application myself but I’ve been forced to focus on something else and I can’t wait. I don’t want someone to do the whole thing but rather just help me by doing parts of it that I don’t understand (and that I can understand by later reading the source).

The application tracks the positions of websites in the search engine results pages. I’ve designed the database schema and got the basic crud operations up but I have not yet worked on any of the business logic or presentation etc. I’ve got some open source libraries that cover a lot of what I need done, so it really just needs to be all pulled together and built using the Yii framework.

I can hire via odesk or we can work directly via Paypal. If you have some reputation on the forum I’m happy paying you upfront to give you some security. If you are interested please quote me a basic hourly rate that you are prepared to work for - Considering that Im just an individual, not some big corp :)

can you give me an opportunity

Have sent you a message ;)