Part III - Trying to understand the principles of Yii !

Until here, all seems good.

I found in the documentation, some points unclear or difficult to understanding. I am speaking as Yii newbie and as someone who is studying Yii from reading the "manual" in it's sequence.

Let's see my disappointments:

At the manual page of Controller (



Controller Instantiation

  • ...
  • If the ID is found in CWebApplication::controllerMap, the corresponding controller configuration will be used to create the controller instance.
  • ...

I think that the use of mentioned resource (controllerMap) without a peice of code or without a detailed note is the worst learn way for a newbie to face.

Think about !


You can actually also have a look at the API and the code.


which will clarify things hopefully.

best thing to do also is, in my opinion, setup a test project to test all the things you read about in the manual.

But it is exactly what I'm doing. Adopting the Definitive Guide as the manual and reading and applying the knowledge on a test project.

My comment refers to the fact of some information (the handling of data in the database) be out of place. Be out of sequence.

The player (reader) is knowing how to build the structure of an application and jumps dozens of basic concepts in sequence to see how to deal with the database?! It seems (sounds) strange to me.