Parse Complex Json In Rest Api In Yiiframework 2

i have a mobile project and i want get a “very” “very” complex json’s in yii rest api, i had to checking and parse all items in json for type(int or string or …) and exist a specific item or if not exist a item send a error to mobile request, is in YiiFramework class for parse Json Query or a Query verify or a mapper for this work? i do’nt want use manual code like “for” or “foreach” for resolve this problem, speed for this work is very important and Json Query schemas are very complex. please help me…

You could try just pasting the JSON into and see if the resulting CSV is easier to work with.

is json the input to Rest API or output?

if you are using Yii2’s REST api implementation, parsing JSON body is already available and you can just put this inside your model and perform standard input validations

Thank you. I find this link and use json schema parser, It’s very great.

for mapping json schema you can use this applications:

all item’s are good :)

Thank you, it’s very good choose

It was said that both, but i find very good project’s, please see my post link’s, thank you for reply.

Yes, i do it, thank you :)